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Introducing the Wireless WaterBrake

A brand new home appliance that brings a powerful feature to your kitchen or bathroom sink – the ability to pause the flow of water with your foot.

Truly a "hands-free" device, the WaterBrake responds instantly to speed you through tasks at the sink, saving both water and energy.

The WaterBrake is easy and natural to use, and installs in minutes requiring no changes to your existing cabinets or fixtures.

How does it work?

Here's a quick demo of the product -- see what users have to say about it!

Easy Installation

The WaterBrake is the easiest and quickest to install of all comparable products. There's no cutting, drilling or mounting, and no change to your existing cabinets or fixtures. The WaterBrake is simply inserted in the hot and cold lines under the sink, and plugged in to power. Place the Wireless Footswitch on the floor and you're done!

This installation was done in 6 minutes:

User Manual

The manual contains detailed information about the product and installation.
WaterBrake User Manual

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